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The scary season is upon us. Dark nights and pumpkins can only mean one thing… arms dealers! (well maybe not the pumpkins). That’s right folks, arms companies will soon be handing out sweets to unsuspecting students at a careers fair near you. But are these treats really a trick? Yes. Behind the free give away is something much more sinister: a career in killing. A job that is much better at making children feel scared than Halloween could ever be.

Wondering if there will be arms dealers at a careers fair near you? Have a look: 

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Hello from Sam!

Hello all!

In a Doctor Who style regeneration I Holly-Rae have magically morphed into Sam!sam-with-drone

We have lots of materials here in the CAAT Tardis so if your just gearing up for an action packed year of anti-arms campaigning then get in touch as we can send you all sorts of things like freshers fair packs, props and loads of resources.

Obviously I am also capable of travelling through time and space so let me know if you want a speaker/training for your group/general support. On the other hand if you’ve got the whole sorting out the international arms trade thing covered then make sure you send us your stories and pictures.

It’s already looking like its going to be a great year, hope to see you soon!