The University of Profit: Helping BAE make a killing


The Free University of Sheffield asks: should killing fund your education?

Hey Uni of Sheffield, remember this? You partnered up with BAE Systems to develop stealth technology for submarines.

BAE Systems Design Authority and Engineering Director John Hudson officially marked the start of the new partnership. He said: “We have been working closely with the University specialists for a number of years to develop new technologies to ensure our Submarines maintain a military edge.”

A military edge?!?! What does that mean? Better at killing?

BAE Systems also make notoriously deadly military drones. Should killing fund your education?

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Occupations demand an end to arms links

Students across the country have gone into occupation demanding, amongst other things, a fairer education system and an end to university links with the arms trade.


Occupy LSE

We demand that the school cuts its ties to exploitative and destructive organisations, such as those involved in wars, military occupations and the destruction of the planet. This includes but is not limited to immediate divestment from the fossil fuel industry and from all companies which make a profit from the Israeli state’s occupation of Palestine.


Occupy KCL

Since starting our occupation on March 25, we have called for King’s to address its current investment practice, which has allowed for indirect share holdings of university money in the fossil fuel, tobacco and arms manufacturing

Occupy Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths Occupation demand that their university cut ties with unethical companies in regards to funding.

The Free University of Sheffield

The Free University of Sheffield have highlighted their opposition to their university’s ongoing links with arms companies, asking students: should killing fund your education?

The latest occupations build on the momentum of previous action and occupations, including Occupy UWE which went into occupation at the end of last year who listed Divestment of arms trade connections as one of their seven demands to the university.Occupy goldsmiths logo, a roaring lion coming out of a fist and the words occupy goldsmith


Scottish universities’ arms investments exposed

Information uncovered by NUS Scotland shows that Scottish Universities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathclyde and Aberdeen-based Robert Gordon have nearly £3 million invested in companies linked to the arms trade. Including £1.3m invested by Glasgow University in a number of firms including BAE Systems.

Old College Quad

Kirsty Haigh, of NUS Scotland, said it was “shameful” universities were still investing money into such industries. She went on to say “Our institutions should be working to benefit not just their campuses, but wider society as well and we should expect more from them. At the moment, many of them either don’t know or don’t care what companies their investments are supporting.

“None of the reasons for divestment are contentious, and universities should recognise that and take action. Burning fossil fuels is causing disastrous climate change, and arms companies profit from conflict and human rights abuses. “Our universities – which are at the forefront of world leading research, innovation and social progress – should know this better than anyone.”