Hello from Rachel

blog photoHello!

I’m Rachel, your new Universities Network coordinator.  I got involved which CAAT when I was studying physics at university after I realised how insidious and pandemic the arms trade’s involvement was at my university and in my academic department.  I loved campaigning at university and I’ve seen first hand what can be achieved, so I’m super excited for this upcoming year supporting you all to kick arms companies off your campus.

I’ve already met some of you and heard about some of the great campaigns you’ve been working on.  Let me know if there is anything I can help you with; resources, information, or if you’d like me to give a talk or a workshop at your university.  And keep in touch! My e-mail address is rachel·melly(at)caat·org·uk I would love to hear about what you’re up to.


Goodbye from Sam

Hello all,

Today is my last day as the Universities Coordinator, very sad news I know but it means that CAAT are now recruiting for next year, so if you’re tempted you’ve got until the 3rd of June to apply!

If you need any support before the next coordinator starts in July then get in touch with outreach@caat.org.uk and Kat will help you out. If you are graduating then check out our tips for staying in touch with us after graduation and ask Kat about local groups near wherever you end up.

Thanks for a great year,